Matteo Laganà:Il Basket è un affare di famiglia


The young Italian has big goals for Camp PASS IT ON and his own basketball career.

Matteo Laganà is one of the more than 200 kids from 87 countries attending Camp PASS IT ON this week. We sat down with the native of Reggio Calabria, Italy to talk about his family’s passion for basketball, his goals, and his experience thus far at Camp PASS IT ON.

The first thing you notice about Matteo is his size. He’s strikingly tall, standing around 1.92m, and this is no coincidence. Both of Matteo’s parents played basketball, in addition to his two older brothers. For the Laganás basketball is truly a family affair.

“I started playing thanks to my mother and father because in 1994 they created a club called Lumaka,” Matteo explained. “ ‘LU,’ is for Lucio, my father, and Luca, my brother. ‘Ma,’ is for my other brother Marco who won the U20 European Championship last year with Italy and now plays for Cantù in Serie A . . . and myself Matteo. And ‘Ka,’ on the other hand is [for] my mother.”

Matteo currently plays for the Lumaka Club in his hometown of Reggio and aspires to follow in his older brother’s footsteps to represent his country and pursue a professional career. What does Matteo think it takes to become a top-tier basketball player?

“You have to practice well and work hard,” two things he says he learned from his parents as well as from watching his older brothers.

The Camp PASS IT ON experience has been an enjoyable one thus far for the young Italian player, and we hope our other campers will express the same satisfaction as Matteo.

“I’m very happy to have this experience. I have already done some basketball training here at the camp, and I’m very happy because it works well because of some great coaches,” Matteo said. “I have never had an experience like this one, and I’m happy that I was chosen.”

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