Two days of sport and healthy recreation with an excellent organization headed by the NBA Italy Manager Katia Bassi locally assisted by coach Pasquale Iracà, and the city of Reggio Calabria gave one of the greatest response: it has been a tremendous success with a total of 140 teams which entered the tournament and Reggio took a second place in a “virtual ranking” with the previous italian stages. All players faced each other in the beautiful, unattainable scenery of “Arena dello Stretto” on the Lungomare “Italo Falcomatà” in Reggio Calabria.


Great enthusiasm since the early hours of sunday afternoon because the NBA3X tournament is not only a basketball event but it features something for everyone in a fun family environment.

To cheer everyone in Reggio the organization invited six special guests of absolute value: the “Nu Skin Jazz Dancers”, members of Utah Jazz cheerleaders dance team: Chenelle, Tasha, Nikki, Samantha, Krissy and Danica entertained hundreds of people with their extraordinary energy and with fabulous choreographies during the two days of the tournament.

We also like to report their appreciation for the city of Reggio and all fans; all of them told us during the media session they were totally enjoying their stay.

An event, we like to repeat it, very appreciated in a city like Reggio Calabria closely tied with the world of the NBA; do not forget that Kobe Bryant grew up in Reggio between 1986 and 1987 with his father, Joe, at the time player of Viola Reggio Calabria, and of course the beloved Manu Ginobili, whose absolute talent exploded earlier here in Viola’s team with coach Gaetano Gebbia, starting here a remarkable career that took him to Bologna and then in the NBA.

Unique feedback coming from all participants at the tournament: “Extraordinary, super organization, congratulations to all.” And we like to close with these words two days that gave lot of enthusiasm to a city that has been always loving the most beautiful sport in the world and wants to return soon to the highest championship levels with Viola’s team.

Nino Romeo for

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